Built in 1 month
Application field
Branding and e-commerce platforms for two brands.
AB7 enlisted my services for the branding and e-commerce platforms of its two new brands: Cosmosoin and Nettissime. Cosmosoin offers a wide range of cosmetic and health products for the whole family and pets. Nettissime specializes in cleaning products. The challenge was to create effective user journeys to boost purchases, design responsive platforms for mobile devices, and develop both sites cost-effectively. I proposed a shared overall structure with a common wireframe to enable developers to initiate integration while I applied brand-specific colors to each site.
Challenge and approach
The main challenge for Cosmosoin & Nettissime was to create appealing e-commerce platforms while keeping development costs reasonable. To achieve this, we adopted a modular web design approach with a shared wireframe to save time and resources. This allowed us to reduce development costs while delivering exceptional user experiences.
The process
The process of creating interfaces for Cosmosoin & Nettissime began with a comprehensive analysis of consumer needs for each brand. We created interactive prototypes to test the purchasing experience and site navigation. Emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and clear information presentation.
Design / Dev Synergy
Close collaboration between designers and developers was essential to ensure seamless platform integration and the correct application of brand-specific branding for each site. Web development standards were adhered to for compatibility with a variety of devices and browsers.