Product designer
Built in 4 weeks
Lazare Rossillon
Application field
Video transcription
Spoke is an application that automatically transcribes meetings into text.
What's Spoke, you ask? It's this super cool product I came up with that tackles a real problem. It turns video conference conversations into real-time transcripts and lets you edit the video based on the text. Plus, you can tag highlights to keep things organized. This journey shows that user-centered design can lead to some seriously practical and innovative solutions.
Challenge and approach
Creating the interfaces for Spoke was an exciting challenge, requiring a delicate balance between intuitiveness and advanced features, all while ensuring perfect synchronization between video and text. The key element of this user experience was the ability to edit the video in real-time, adding, deleting, or highlighting text much like editing in a word processing software.
The process
I went through a journey where I researched and dug deep into the user experience (UX), and in this adventure, I even crafted a nifty design system to keep the visual vibe consistent throughout the entire interface. Then came the fun part of crafting the user interface (UI), working closely with the development team, and finally, unleashing Spoke to the world.
Design / Dev Synergy
To ensure a smooth development process, I established a comprehensive design system, and facilitated clear communication with the development team. This system included components, style guidelines, and detailed interaction instructions. We conducted training sessions and regular discussions to guarantee the accurate implementation of the design, and comprehensive guidelines were provided for maintaining visual consistency throughout the development process.