Product designer
Web Application
Built in 3 weeks
Gilles Merveilleux
Application field
Legal tech
Simplify legal document drafting.
Replick is a legal tech application that assists lawyers in drafting legal briefs. Its extensive database allows users to easily find jurisprudence and develop strong arguments. I transformed this tedious task into an engaging process by simulating objections and offering an interactive tree structure for argument selection. Users can save and edit your legal briefs with ease. Replick helps you build winning arguments.
Challenge and approach
The major challenge of Replick was to make the process of drafting legal briefs more user-friendly and engaging. We addressed this by designing an interactive tree structure to assist users in selecting their arguments, simulating the legal process. Additionally, we had to ensure efficient access to a vast jurisprudence database.
The process
The process of creating interfaces for Replick began with a detailed analysis of legal processes and the needs of lawyers. We created prototypes to test the effectiveness of the tree structure. Emphasis was placed on simulating objections and ease of use.
Design / Dev Synergy
Collaboration between myself and developers was critical to ensure that the tree structure integrated seamlessly into the application. We developed detailed workflows to ensure that arguments could be saved, edited, and downloaded smoothly.