Product designer
Web Application
Built in 4 weeks
Marie Masson
Application field
Redefining Tutor-Student Connections
Dmitri revolutionizes the connection between parents/students and private tutors by reversing the traditional paradigm. It empowers students and parents to create detailed ads with specific tags, including the desired subject, course topic, student's level, location, and more. These ads are broadcast to all matching and qualified tutors, who can then apply to the ad. This action opens their profile to the advertiser, providing information such as certified credentials and ratings from other platform users. The advertiser can then choose their preferred tutor and initiate communication. After completing the task, both the tutor and advertiser can rate each other, enhancing their profiles.
Challenge and approach
A fundamental challenge in developing Dmitri was reimagining the tutor-student/parent matchmaking process. We tackled this by creating a sophisticated ad-based system with seamless tutor selection. Ensuring trust and transparency was another obstacle, which we addressed by allowing users to review tutor profiles and by implementing a two-way rating system. This fosters a dynamic community of learning and teaching.
The process
The journey of crafting Dmitri's interfaces began with a focus on creating an intuitive, user-centric ad posting system. We conducted extensive user research to understand the expectations and preferences of students, parents, and tutors. Based on these insights, we designed a simple yet comprehensive ad creation process, allowing advertisers to specify their unique requirements. Tutors, on the other hand, have a streamlined application process. Our design and development teams worked in tandem to ensure that the platform seamlessly matched ads with potential tutors. Throughout the development cycle, we iteratively improved the user interface based on feedback from usability tests, aiming for a seamless user experience. The result is an efficient, transparent, and engaging platform that empowers both students/parents and tutors in their learning journey.
Design / Dev Synergy
Collaboration between our design and development teams played a crucial role in achieving a user-friendly platform with a robust ad system and profile sharing. Our synergy allowed us to balance security, user experience, and seamless communication. By working closely together, we integrated features that enhanced both security and user satisfaction, culminating in the Dmitri experience.