Product designer
Mobile app
Built in 2 weeks
Talia Lipiec
Application field
Improve workplace posture for better health.
Fizyou is a mobile application designed to enhance workplace posture through exercises, videos, and articles. Connected to the user's schedule, it sends personalized notifications and offers sessions based on availability. Fizyou is sponsored by employers to improve workplace quality of life and employee health. Our goal is to optimize health and well-being during working hours.
Challenge and approach
The main challenge of Fizyou was to adapt to users' variable work schedules while promoting better posture habits. We addressed this by developing an intelligent algorithm that adjusts based on professional schedules. Additionally, we had to integrate complex medical content in an understandable way by collaborating closely with medical experts.
The process
The process of creating interfaces for Fizyou began with in-depth analysis of user health and well-being needs. We created interactive prototypes to test concepts with the target audience. Emphasis was placed on ease of use and clear presentation of medical information.
Design / Dev Synergy
Close collaboration between designers and developers was essential to ensure seamless platform integration and the correct application of brand-specific branding for each site. Web development standards were adhered to for compatibility with a variety of devices and browsers.